• Breath and the Heart Virtues

    The breath is one of the main instruments of living a heart-centered practice. It is always available, existing only in nowness, incredibly versatile, vastly applicable, and very powerful when harnessed corerctly.

    It is the vehicle through which the prana, or soul’s presence, the divine intelligence, streams into the body, and with the proper focus, it can massively facilitate the practice of divine love.

  • Divine Intelligence through Feelings: A Kickstart Guide

    For a long while I’ve looked for something that would collate the many insights about divine intelligence that are arranged in the Wingmakers materials about how one can begin the process of accessing such intelligence, and expressing it in one’s life; the required mindset, the overall structure, the useful frameworks, the various techniques, the recommended steps.
    Ultimately, I’ve decided to work on such a resource myself.

  • Divine Love and its Use in Energy Work

    This guide is intended to acquaint the practitioner in energy work with particular types of energy, those of divine Love, for use in their practice and in their life; dealing in how to perceive it, receive it, use it, share it; and grow in mastery of the practice, and perfect your life through its use.

  • Tulpaforcing from the Heart

    This guide is dedicated to the use of divine Love in tulpamancy (and outside of it) as potent instrument of creation, development, sustainment, transformation, reinforcement, and introspection.
    It is aimed at people already possessing the base concepts of tulpamancy; who wish to expand their toolset with a powerful arsenal; and possibly, to put such tools to use in their larger context outside of interaction with their tulpas.

  • Days Spent Exploring Oneness

    Ever since I was little, like many others I’ve been exploring the line between self and non-self, updating it and moving it around as time went, and I’ve found myself experimenting with it and its fractal intricacies. There’s been imaginary friends; there’s been conversations with self; there’s been tulpas; there’s been invocation; there’s been taking on, wearing, confronting aspects of my self.
    It is an inbetween place that is deceptively rich and supremely interesting. I’ve learned a surprising amount about myself and what surrounds me by confronting myself with the manifestations, the beings, of this twilight zone.

    Which leads me to the latest idea I decided to try out.

  • A Tulpa Creation Guide

    An Introductory Consideration

    This guide was created from my own experiences and from the guides I have read myself, and so it reflects my experiences and what worked for me. But you are your own unique individual, and I don’t expect you your mind to work in the same way as mine in any way. That said, feel free to change anything in this guide to better suit you. The most efficient method for this will be the one you are most comfortable doing and that you do most consistently. Of course, there is a standard which you should aim for, as you can’t expect progress if you don’t put work into your tulpa, or if you do it in a lazy manner.

    That being said, before saying how we are going to create your tulpa, let’s talk about what we are doing. For that, let’s talk a bit about you.

  • Fear

    I must not fear.
    Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
    Only I will remain.

    Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear - From Frank Herbert’s Dune Book Series

  • Beliefs can be partial.

    If there’s one crucial thing rationality taught me, is this.

  • Gratitude

    A lot of ground has been trodden about Mindfulness and its many facets, but there is one topic I have seen not enough people elaborate on, especially in a satisfactory manner, and that topic is gratitude.

  • A Night Exploring Togetherness

    Mother Ayahuasca has gotter her roots very deep into me. I could feel it both journeys, as she radicated herself, made herself part of my very being as she was transiting through the intestines halfway through the experience. She’s become undeniably a presence in my life, and even if most times I’m affected at a subconscious level, there’s plenty of communication going on at the conscious level. Laughter is often involved; as they say, it’s the best medicine.

    Though sometimes there’s the need for something inbetween.

  • Occult Resources Collection

    In an effort to expedite the search of seekers, I have collected most occult libraries and assorted resources here.

  • Quantum Pause

    The Quantum Pause is a meditative technique that serves as a very convenient tool for reaching a special space of neutrality and intention from which you can work on whatever you’d like internally. It is designed to reach a space of contact with your inmost self, allowing you to work through situations by their wisdom, and reinforcing their presence in the life of the individual.

  • An Addendum to Tulpa Guides

    This collection of advice is meant to integrate other guides with (possibly) useful information on tulpa creation, development, and more, that I haven’t found in them, and that I wish I had. For best results, an attitude of self-seeking and curiosity is recommended.

  • Dream Control Training Course

    This guide gathers most known techniques on how to keep a dream, how to keep it stable and lucid, and how to manage to get all the powers/achievements you may wish to accomplish in a dream. It is quite a long read, so take it in more than one session if required; the guide is split into chapters, so you might internalize a few key concepts at a time; be sure to take the needed time to read through.

  • Sixth Sense Resources and Teachings (backup)

    Here are all the backups of the teachings channels of the old incarnation of the Seventh Sense server (named Sixth Sense) that were recoverable at time of archiving. If you want a local copy, just right click and save destination as...

    Sixth Sense Library
    Adm1n’s Astral Senses
    Cheetah’s Psychonaut Guide
    Shadow’s Astral Indepth

  • Behind the scenes of the renovations of the Sixth Sense server (now Seventh Sense)

    By CelestialBoon

    Recently, the Sixth Sense server has undergone a deep shift in structure and direction, to the hands of me and oof (now co-admins), and a handful of other close collaborators.

    Through a shift in ownership, I’ve recently found myself co-director of this established (if somewhat languishing) occult server. Coincidentally, I’ve been planning to shape a spiritual server of my own for two months now, and so I’ve caught the occasion to pursue this vision and bring it to others.

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